Our Flag

Our flag is more than just a piece of cloth it represents our freedom and who fought to save our lives and it’s disrespectful to


 let it touch the ground this is my flag and I respect it and my country and I know that they risk their live for our lives so I’m thankful for my life and the freedom that I have.Thank You.

Colonial Potter

Today was hard because we had to make a jug for each of the workers and there’s about 50 workers and only 5 of us. So we had to make about 10 each. Now I’m really tired hungry and I still have to make two more and there big. But it wasn’t that bad today we got to take a break after every one so that was good and I guess it was a pretty good day.

Colonial leader

Who is John Smith

Leader of Jamestown;adventurer                                                                       a Soldier                                                                                                           he was brave and kind                                                                                      a traveler                                                                                                           a writer                                                                                                             and a cartographer                                                                                           he was bold                                                                                                      and fair                                                                                                               a leader who brought peace                                                                              and a sailor

That is John Smith

pumpkin patch before sunrise

It’s Halloween break and Jessica invites Becky,Bertha,Martha,and Patricia to a slumber party. It’s 10:00 at night.Bertha decides to get a snack and the girls got worried because she was taking too long so they go to get her but she wasn’t there. All they saw was a note that said ”I am where the orange things grow come and find me before the sun’s glow” They didn’t know what it meant so they went to go ask her mom but she was gone too. So now they were really scared because they didn’t know who would be taken next.So they started thinking then Becky shouted out the pumpkin patch! Is where the the pumpkins grow! You’re right said Patricia so they agreed to go to the pumpkin patch but they can’t drive so they went to get on the bus. They notice that there was no driver.The bus started driving and they screamed then all the lights went out and they screamed even louder.The bus stopped at the pumpkin patch.They quickly ran off the bus. Jessica looked at her watch and it was blank then she looked up and Patricia, Martha, and Becky were gone! She turned around and saw Patricia, Martha, Bertha, Becky, and her mom all tied up with a pickle to each of there necks but there was nothing holding them. then the pickle pointed at her and started coming towards her and she ran so fast that when she looked to the side it was just a blur.She stopped and looked back and the pickle and the ghost were not there so she turned back around and there it was. It took her back to the other girls and she got tied up to. They looked up and they saw a scary shadow coming towards them. It looked like a bear so they were freaking out. Then they found out it was a blue bear that was going to save them. The bear roared and scared away the ghosts and everyone was safe.Then Jessica found out it was just a dream the whole time.


To me homecoming was really special because it was my first homecoming at White Oak and we only have homecoming every three years so my next homecoming I will be in 8th grade. And I also went to Roughneck Days there was a petting zoo,snow cones,photo booth,bounce houses,popcorn,and hotdogs it was exciting.

Pumpkin Patch

There is a little red house surrounded by pumpkins that are,big,small,fat,skinny,bright orange,dark orange,light orange,there is a bunch of pumpkins they are all different shapes and sizes and some stems are old some stems are long and some are short,all pumpkins are different.